Parasol Arts 2016 Season

Parasol Arts announces 2016/17 season and future plans!

On September 14th 2016, Parasol Arts is performing as part of the Lone Tree Arts Centre’s “Arts in the Afternoon” series:

Lose yourself in the joy and passion of tango! Join Parasol Arts to learn more about the different dances and forms of tango, including folk dance, improvised tango, tango vals, milonga with guitarist, tango parody, and group choreography. You’ll be inspired to get on your feet!

Arts in the Afternoon is a series of weekday afternoon concerts and performances designed to transport you out of the ordinary. Enjoy a variety of styles by professional performers in this intimate series. Refreshments are provided as a part of your ticket, so please stay after the performance to talk with performers, reflect on what you saw, and enjoy social time.


 Nick And LoritaThis same program will be presented at Shaver Ramsey in Cherry Creek on

October 13th, 2016.

The event at Shaver Ramsey “A Brief History of Tango” will also include a tango lesson, wine and refreshments.

Tickets for this fundraising event will be available on the website by September 6th.

 Our recent production of “Piazzolla, En Sus Palabras” was such a success, and by popular demand, we are bringing it back to the Black Box Theatre at Colorado Ballet on April 21st and 22nd 2017. If you did not see this production, you need to and if you already saw it, you need to see it again!

It is the story of Astor Piazzolla, the Argentine musician and composer who revolutionized tango by adding elements of jazz and classical, dissonance and counterpoint to traditional tango music. His life is as fascinating as his music.

This show is the collaboration of live theatre, dance and live music.

Actor, Joey Wishnia portrays an older Piazzolla reminiscing about his life with the Austin Piazzolla Quintet playing Piazzolla.

Dancers from Parasol Arts, Natural Tango and Colorado Ballet interpret the music as well as portraying characters in Piazzolla’s life. It is a unique and diverse production, not to be missed.

Future plans to perform at the Dairy Centre in Boulder and the Music hall in Detroit are in the works for 2017!

In addition, Parasol Arts has plans for two new productions, one being the story of Carmen, and the other, called Portraits which will be a series of vignettes, each telling a story or emotional situation in life.

 As we depend on donations as much as box office sales to pay the expenses of putting on high quality productions with professional dancers, musicians, actors and other artists, your donations are greatly necessary and even more greatly appreciated. Until now
Parasol Arts, being relatively new and operating on a comparatively small budget, has been ineligible for grants and therefore at the mercy of donors and still is until the 2017 grants open up.


 Remember, All your donations are tax deductible!
 Donations can be made on the website, or by check to Parasol Arts Inc, PO Box 6265, Denver CO 80206

 Help us spread the joy and passion of Argentine tango where there exist no boundaries, only the embrace of another human being!