Lorita Travaglia
Creative Director

Ms. Travaglia has an extensive background in dance having had a professional performing career with ballet companies around the world that spanned 22 years. She currently works as Ballet Master at Colorado Ballet since 2006.

Lorita has been dancing Argentine tango since 2005. Her initial teachers were Nick Jones and Grisha Nisnevich and she continues to study with the Argentine Tango Maestros, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne who inspire her continually and act as Artistic Advisors for Parasol Arts.

Since creating Parasol Arts in 2012, Lorita has directed, choreographed and performed in Parasol Arts’ annual productions. She enjoys exploring the artistic and creative aspects of Argentine Tango and aims to bring inspiration to people from all walks of life in her teaching and productions.

Lorita on stage with Rudolph Nureyev

Lorita’s early career