Milonga Parasol Underground

Milonga Parasol Underground

Milonga Parasol Underground is a reoccurring event hosted by Parasol Arts. It typically occurs on the first Saturday of the month unless there are conflicting tango events in the community.


The Milonga goes from 8pm to midnight with local or guest DJs.

The atmosphere is relaxed, and everyone is welcome.
Empanadas from Maria Empanada as well as a variety of wines and whiskey is included.

Pre Milonga Classes with local and guest teachers are offered from 7 – 8pm.


Class $15 per person
Milonga $15 per person
Class and Milonga $25 per person

Newport Street Retreat

1195 Newport Street
Denver CO 80220 

Dates for Milonga Parasol Underground 2023:


January 7th

February 4th

March 4th

April 29th

June 3rd

July 1st

August 9th

September 30th

October 21st

November 4th

December 2nd