Celebrating 10 Years of Parasol Arts!

Ten years ago a small group of dancers and arts management professionals got together and created Parasol Arts, a platform for multi media productions inspired by the music and dance of Argentine Tango! To celebrate 10 years of innovative and inspiring shows as well as outreach and tango therapy programs, Parasol Arts will present “Tango Magic” showing the best of Parasol Arts with excerpts from several shows and more!

Two performances will be held in September so save the dates:
Friday September 23rd at The Dairy Arts Center, Boulder, at 8pm
Sunday September 25th at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Denver, at 7pm 

Please be part of this celebration and help Parasol Arts continue bringing uniquely creative productions in the future! 

We need your support in the way of donations which are always tax deductible.
We need your support in attending the performances and encouraging your family and friends to do the same. You will not be disappointed in the line up of amazing professional ballet and tango dancers who are coming together for this extravaganza!

In the meantime on July 24th Parasol Arts will present “Tango Portraits of Love” at The Lone Tree Arts Centre at 7pm. (Due to Covid this show was postponed from February 20th). We are very happy to be able to perform this now.

Performance Dates

Tango Portraits of Love:
July 24th at 7pm at The Lone Tree Arts Center
Tickets: https://www.lonetreeartscenter.org/showinfo.php?id=1417

Tango Magic, Celebrating 10 years of Parasol Arts
September 23rd at The Dairy Arts Centre, Boulder
September 25th at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Denver.
Ticket information coming soon!

Donate Now: https://www.parasolarts.org

Checks to Parasol Arts Inc,
PO Box 6265, Denver CO 80206